Last week was incredibly long. I had a headache for 2 straight days. It was so very exhausting, not to mention painful. So I did not get to go to the stitching store or choir practice on Wednesday night. I was feeling better by Thursday and had a workshop on both Thursday and Friday. I brought my stitching and actually got a lot done. Today I took off school. My parents are going on a cruise for their 46th wedding anniversary, so I was planning to take the afternoon off to drive them to the terminal, but I figured, eh I'll take the whole day off and get some cooking and stitching done. So I did and I'm happy to share pics of two finishes:) The dumb dalmation and the one for Patrick. I also framed them - definately not well, but they are framed.

I did finally get to the stitching store this Saturday. I got most of what I needed for the Ottawa Sampler, but they are ordering a couple of things for me. So I'll be starting on that one this week.

Well, I'm off to get dinner ready before my darling husband gets home.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Wooo Hoo girl! Way to go great job on the framing! It must feel great to have that dog finished!!!!

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