Gym time

We have joined a gym! I was in a great gym in Tennessee for several months - during the time when Pat had already moved to Florida and I was still up there. I found I had alot more free time on my hands with Pat not at home, so I found this little Christian based gym that was safe, friendly and comfortable. I actually had a great deal with them - I taught a class for autistic kids, or whatever kids came, once a week, and got a free membership. It was awesome:) This gym is alot bigger, so no deals like that, but it's Christian based, safe and friendly. I felt very comfortable today when I tried it out, and we went and signed up when Pat got home from work. I'm very excited about it - I looked forward to the workout all day long.

A few weeks ago I had severe stomach pain. I figured I had an ulcer due to stress, went to the doctor and got sent for tests. The first test showed there was no bacteria, so I went on prilosec and tagamet. The pain has finally gone, but this morning I had an upper GI test done. What an interesting procedure. The technology is absolutely amazing. I was actually able to watch the liquid they had given me move from my stomach into my small intestine and down into my colon. Very entertaining:)
Unbelievably, I've already got the results - no problems:) So good news all around today.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Woot! Woot! On joining the gym! Looking forward to a leaner and meaner you in December!

Glad to hear your tests are coming back okay... same pains you had when we went to St. Augustine?

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