What do ya say?

So, yesterday I was talking with a teacher at my school, and she was telling me about one of our co-teachers who had gotten pregnant last year. The lady is about 40, has two older kids (12 and 15 or something like that) and her new little baby was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome before birth. He does indeed have Down's and also a hole in his heart. He just had surgery to repair the hole a few weeks before school started. So this little man is being looked after by her in-laws while she works, because his feedings still need to be closely monitored. I don't know how she leaves him every day, and some days stays at school until after 5pm. So, this other teacher is telling me all this and every fiber of my being is screaming "I had a baby this summer too!!!". But what do ya say? I sure didn't want to get into everything about me in front of a class of kiddos, and she just kept talking.

This has been a year of percentages for us. One of our cats has hyperthyroidism. He received a treatment that did not work and is back in for a second treatment. The odds of the 1st treatment not working are so low, that in all the years the vet has been practicing only 5 cats have not responded to the 1st treatment. Out of those 5, 3 have responded the 2nd time. So now we wait and see. And then of course there's Liam. A 1 in 3000-5000 chance of having a baby with Hydrops. You'd think with odds like that we'd win the lottery soon.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Even if you can't scream things out in conversation, at least you can put it here. I hope the blogging helps on those days when you want to speak but the timing just isn't right.

You know you can always call too... I'm more than happy to listen day or night.

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