Another day, another dollar

Tuesday's are so much fun:) Actually today was ok. We had benchmark testing in math today, so I had 17 students in the library (which they call the media center down here) for 2 hours. There were two sessions, each were supposed to be 40 minutes, but because my kiddos are ESE they can have extended time, hence the two hours. I'm also allowed to read the questions to them, so I did alot of reading math questions too. Tomorrow is the science benchmark test. Two 40 minute sessions, which of course are extended for my kids.

Tonight we're heading out to dinner with Pat's boss, who's in town from California. We're going to a restaurant called Copeland's. I've been there once before and it was very nice and quite expensive. Tonight though, the bill is not ours to worry about, so that's a good thing:)

I'm really enjoying my work outs. I love doing the weight machines, but I'm decreasing my time on them so I can increase my cardio time since that's whats going to burn the fat. I'll keep up a few of the machines in order to strengthen the muscles under the fat. I'm up to 20 mins on the elliptical, so I need to add another 10 for it to be most beneficial. I'm also trying to increase the reps on the weight machines, but I am trying to keep the whole workout under an hour.

Well, I'm off to get dressed for tonight. Looking forward to some good food.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Yup, another day another dollar! I hope you and Pat had a lovely dinner out tonight.

I'm glad you're enjoying the gym! Cardio is good, but don't cut out the weights too much. The more lean muscle mass you have the more your metabolism will ramp up and burn more calories at rest! Of course cardio is a great calorie burner. Keep working at it girl and we'll be lean and mean togheter at Christmastime!!!

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