5th graders suck

A rant, and then my story.

When I was young, children were not allowed to ask impertinent questions. In fact, when I did ask or say something my parents or teachers considered inappropriate, I was quite often punished.
That's my rant.
Today as I was standing at the door of a classroom waiting for a couple of children to come with me, a girl sitting near the door looks up at me with a coy smile and says "Mrs. Debelak, are you pregnant, cuz you sure look like you are." OMG!!!! I don't know whether I wanted to smack her or cry. Even one of the boys I was picking up told this girl you don't ask things like that. It totally ticked me off. I then began to think that I should have had my little baby boy Liam about a month old now. And of course the obvious thought of I guess I still look fat. Gee thanks girl. She's lucky she's a student, that's all I can say.
That's my story.

Now off to stitch, watch Bones and Fringe.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Yup, somedays you want to give the little buggers a good smack!

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