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So, recently I've been hunting for games online - just stupid little games to play as I'm watching TV. Well about a month or so ago I found Big Fish Games. It lets you have an hour of free play of a ton of games, then if you want to buy the whole game from them you can. I played a Nancy Drew game about 2 weeks ago, and really loved it, so I bought one:) Nancy Drew and the Haunted Carousel. Cute game, and I love that type of game - that and hidden object games. So I've been having fun with that last night and tonight. The bad thing is, I think I'm going to finish it pretty quickly. Probably in the next couple of nights.

I've been back to winding threads again. I've gotten very behind on it in the last couple of years, but now I'm down to about 40 skeins left to wind. I'm also still working on the 101 Dalmations piece. This is one I'm going to finish and try to sell on Ebay. I'm still not sure why I ever got it. Stitching a mostly white dog on white aida fabric is intensely dull:( But I'll keep plugging away at it until it's done. I'm also still working on my letter piece. It's just beautiful. But I need to go back to the store and get that second skein of the blueberry to finish up the background.

Dani, I sure do wish you and Todd were closer, although I had loads of fun laying the floor. It was definately a great sense of accomplishment, and continues to be that every time I go in there.

Well, I'm off to watch Hell's Kitchen, and wind a thread.


Dani - tkdchick said...

I can blame for my addicton for mindless games I think! I've been playing a lot of bejewlled lately infront of the TV!!

I bet your letter is just stunning!

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