Working out etc.

Well I have hit the gym the last two days, and its been great! Yesterday, for the first time, I ran on the treadmill! Usually I just walk, but I decided to try a light jog. Damn, it hurt!!! So out of 22 minutes I jogged 5 mins yesterday and 6 today, broken up of course. I figure it's a start. I really thought it would be hard on my lungs and breathing etc if I jogged, due to allergies and no training, but I found that part was ok, but it sure did burn my legs and bum!! Perhaps I'll bump up my weight training on those parts:) It certainly has been an experience tho. On the lighter side, I do still have a slightly weak bladder;) Yet another thing to work on!

Also, Easter has come and I can say goodbye to Lent, and to my alcohol restriction!! Oh happy glass of wine:) However, my Dad imparted some knowledge to me, which I guess should not have been new:( When giving up something during Lent, its not enough to give it up - one should also take the money generally used on this and give it to a charity. That will be next years goal.

No cross stitching time today. I headed to the church to sort music, then to the cross stitch store to pick up part of my order. I also picked up a cute little monkey measuring tape:) So if no real time to stitch, at least I hit the store:)

Well onto a little stitching, some wine and American Idol!!


Elaine said...

I just love your storage system in your last post Claire and I would love to see a picture of your cute measuring tape.
I get to watch American Idol a day behind you here in Scotland. I really loved the show this week. There are so many good singers this year. I need to wait to tonight to watch the result. Hope you got lots of stitchy time.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Hey chickie! LOL love that comment oh happy glass of wine!

Good for you, starting to run! It will get easier, maybe next time we see each other we can go for a run together. Oh my how we have changed since high school!

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