Home again!

Well the holiday season has come and gone, and boy has it been busy! We did Thanksgiving at our house this year, just us and my parents. It was loads of fun, and even if Ido say so myself, the food was fantastic:) Then shopping on Black Friday - lots of great deals. I got about half my shopping done that day! It was great. Then we were onto the Christmas season. Lots of singing in choir, decorating the house and wrapping gifts. We spent Christmas Eve in church both here and up with my folks. Then Christmas Day with my parents before coming home to finish packing for our trip to Canada to see my family and friends. We had a great time in Canada, but it was bloody cold!!! Got to see my nephews and niece, and brothers and sister-in-laws, and also one of my bestest friends:) (Hi Dani!) Did some shopping, stitching, movie watching and board game playing. All in all a great trip. But I am very glad to be home with my kitties and puppies:) Now I'm curled up on my couch stitching and watching True Lies, and contemplating rearranging the living room.
I am working on the 101 Dalmations piece. Got all his legs done, and I'm finishing up the body and tail - also got his collar finished. So now his head and teddy bear then to the backstitching. I will post some pics soon. Right now it's all white on white except his collar:)
Tomorrow is back to school for me (bleh). I really feel like I could use a couple more days of recovery before getting back into things, but that's just not to be:) Ah well, I'll just look forward to the weekend:)
Off to stitch now.


Dani - tkdchick said...

It was so awesome to see you THREE times this year! That must be a record! I hope its not too far between the next visit!

Keep plugging away at that stitching girl!

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